Monday, August 20, 2012

Save the Date!

I can't believe that I haven't included the Save the Date that I created for my upcoming nuptuals. What have I been thinking?

Both my Fubs (future husband for those who don't know) and I are geeks. We flaunt it openly, unashamed. We like video games, robots, gadgets, and Steampunky-type things (I'm also a huge Victorianophile.. is that a thing?)

Anyway, I wanted to add something custom to my STD's and not just have a postcard with a friendly reminder and a date, so I sketched up a couple of robots and assembled my postcards in Illustrator. I scanned some decorative paper that I had collecting dust in one of my drawers and layered my illustrations on top. The hardest part of the process was deciding WHICH font to use and how to make everything look just like the vision in my head.

Steve as a robot, pre-painting

Me as a robot, pre-painting

The final product!

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