Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Confused Through the Looking Glass

I've had the idea for an Alice in Wonderland-ish themed paper doll. I've hacked away at her for a couple of years (to be honest, I was working on a life-encompassing thesis and education during that time). I wanted her to be in a style and aesthetic that I like. Some might call it Steampunk, some might call it Neo-Victorian. Whatever you call it, call her yours.
I'll be making her available on my etsy page in the next coming weeks as I produce them and order more brads.

I wanted to finish her before the Vancouver Urban Growers Market that I will be vending at as a introduction into some of my other styles of illustration.

Here are some process photos and a simplified version of the final.

Packaged and ready to assemble!

Rabbit sketch

In her early stages, I enlarged her and played with different colorings. 
Her mostly final version

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