Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fathers Day Fishing

My dad loves fishing, and camping and hunting. Bless his heart, even though he goes hunting, he never brings anything home. I think the fun of it for him is reclaiming his youth, and the fun that he has actually getting out of the house. Not so much the hunt.

I love going fishing with my parents because it's like having a family reunion with just the three of us. We sit and have lunch, throw our lines in the water and just enjoy each others' company. Now that I have a permanent partner, he likes to come too. And we're a family... like we were when my brother was alive and we were young.

I've been experimenting with hollowing out books and putting my art inside. Like a thematic frame. I figured I'd make a cute one for my dad for Father's Day because I'm usually making something for mom, why not let dad have some art this year?!

I was able to find a book at the local Goodwill called "Down River" (this Goodwill has been a great place to find thematically appropriate books for my work). I got lucky, took it home and started to gruel over the slicing of the pages. It's tough work. But this is what I came up with:

Progress shots of my Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout

 More books to come!

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